Manufacturing gabion baskets allows us to create beautiful and useful items in the world around us.  
Using different colours, structures and patterns of gabions’ filling we have the possibility to construct a kind of work of art.
The gabions can be filled with: granite, quartz, pebble, fieldstone, sandstone, dolomite, limestone, wood or glass and illuminated by a ray of light. 
Gabion is a basket filled with durable stone materials. It is solid, but also flexible and it awakens creativity. 
We manufacture gabion baskets mainly as the fences, however, they have also different functions: they can become
 flower pots, benches, fountains, waterfalls, cascades, tables, grills, garden sculptures, retaining walls, steps, soundproof covers,
 or they can cover for an unsightly place. 
We build our reputation on customer satisfaction, which is our priority. Our skilled team are available to give help or technical advice. We guarantee high quality of our products and full involvement in each project.

Each order is important to us, and the final result is always amazing.

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